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About Me

created Sierra-Abby Jewelry for simplicity. I am a mother of fun-loving, young twins, a wife to an amazing man, and I also work full-time. I find that I just do not have the time to shop around for the jewelry that I like and for the prices that are worth it. So I created my shop: Sierra-Abby Jewelry. I finally found jewelry that spoke to me, that made me smile when I touched it or saw its reflection in the mirror. I work with artists all throughout the United States who are passionate about their craft, bringing their handmade art to life, sharing it with you. 

This is why I bring you Sierra-Abby one place, all the time.

Thank you for taking the time to visit. I hope you enjoy what Sierra-Abby Jewelry offers. 

 Enjoy your journey and travel well.

Sierra-Abby Jewelry

For the journey of a lifetime.

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